Idea generation Phase


We are always seeking new ideas and problems to solve.

We generate ideas internally or we make a partnership with aspiring entrepreneurs who possess a specific knowledge.

We pick a subject and we start to evaluate the size of the potential market and the potential solutions.

Once convinced of a potential "product-market fit" we start the product development.

We don't seek external capital for this phase.

Launch Phase


We form a product/service team and we start an iterative development process. The sooner we can launch the better.

We ship versions often, we listen to our customers and we measure the traction. This phase is mainly financed by ELITIZON or Business Angels.

If we measure high traction we leverage capital to accelerate the growth. We incorporate the product team into a new company.

ScaleUp Phase


We leverage people, capital, and know-how of ELITIZON's Core Team to scale the development and the adoption of the product.

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